Sharon and Jack

My Jack Russell Terrior ‘Jack’ was behaving very badly at the time of contact with Joanne – biting me and my friends, he was also very dangerous around children. Jack… Read more “Sharon and Jack”

Michéal and Gigi

Gigi is my 4 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who I rescued when when she was 9 months old. When she arrived in my house I found she had some… Read more “Michéal and Gigi”

Susan and Rolo

My 2 year old dog, Rolo, recently attended both a Beginner’s Agility class and an Intermediate Agility class organised and run by Joanne Byrne, Problem Paws. Before the class Joanne… Read more “Susan and Rolo”

Roisin and Tilly

I found the training very enjoyable and it works! My St. Bernard was already 8 months old when I began the training and to see her pick up on Joanne’s… Read more “Roisin and Tilly”

Barry and Tia

Joanne was fantastic in helping me choose a dog that was perfect for my family. I have a 75 year old mother with MS and a brother with epilepsy, so… Read more “Barry and Tia”

Margaret and Teddy

I have a cavalier King Charles called Teddy and he is two & half years old. The old saying that you cant teach an old dog new trick is rubbish.… Read more “Margaret and Teddy”

Ann and Bailey

I have a beautiful Cavalier King Charles called Bailey and he is one year old. He did not have any bad behavioural traits but needed guidance to curve is enthusiasm… Read more “Ann and Bailey”

Claire and Oswald

Exceptional dog trainer highly recommended. Having a Bernese Mountain Dog Oswald who is borderline seven stone, to say the least he is a very powerful creature. I contacted Joanne as… Read more “Claire and Oswald”

Donal, Frances and Oscar

We heard of Problem Paws from a neighbour who couldn’t speak highly enough of Joanne. We asked Joanne to come and help with our dog Oscar who was a bit… Read more “Donal, Frances and Oscar”

Patricia and Buster

When Buster arrived here as a tiny puppy we had no idea the journey that lay ahead. He quickly developed into the equivalent of a very demanding toddler and at… Read more “Patricia and Buster”

Edel and Missie

My dog Missie and I have just completed Joanne’s beginners and intermediate agility classes. Each week we looked forward to the class and I was thrilled with the quick progress… Read more “Edel and Missie”

Darren and Oscar

When I joined the training as with everything I was very sceptical bit after the first hour I realised just how good Joanne was! How quickly she got the pups/dogs… Read more “Darren and Oscar”

Mary and Ruby

Ruby just loves going to Joanne’s for the day! She takes him to all the best places and when he gets home he has had so much fun with Joanne… Read more “Mary and Ruby”

Loretta and Daisy

Joanne has worked miracles with out 18 month old Cocker Spaniel. Daisy is a rescue dog who had been in 2 different pounds so had been bounced round quite a… Read more “Loretta and Daisy”